Sunny Places for Shady People

Former binman-cum-barrister Harry Morgan* runs one of the world's most successful off shore service providers. In the course of a career that has spanned four continents, three decades and too … [Read more...]

Steve Jobs: Think Different –
Brandon Hurst

Few people have changed the course of technology and culture in recent years more than Steve Jobs. Since then he has helped to design and popularise a series of cutting-edge devices and software … [Read more...]

Keeping up with Kim Kardashian –
Brandon Hurst

A fully illustrated, large hard cover biography charting the formidable Kim Kardashian’s rise to global fame Celebrity and film biographer Brandon Hurst analyses what motivates the curvy brunette, … [Read more...]

Kate Moss: The Making of a Brand Icon –
Brandon Hurst

The most up to date biography of Kate Moss with several colour images ISBN 9781905382842           £20.00 BUY NOW … [Read more...]

Nicole Richie –
Brandon Hurst

  Brandon Hurst dishes the dirt on socialite at large/fashion trend-maker Nicole Richie Colour images           £20.00 BUY NOW … [Read more...]