Scissor Sisters –
Alex Hannaford

First-ever, packed with pictures book on this band. Text by Alex Hannaford. Pictures by Steve Gillett. Collector's item. Specifications ISBN: 1-903906-69-5 Format: Paperback Pagination: … [Read more...]

The Arctic Monkeys –
Seamus Craic

First-ever, fully illustrated book on this awesome band. This is a new edition after the first edition collectable sold out. Now with a brand new cover and smaller (but wider) format -  a must for … [Read more...]

Pete Doherty –
Seamus Craic

The first ever book on the haphazard, shambolic, yet undoubtedly gifted British muse. Packed with pictures of the man who, for better or worse, epitomised British rock music in the early … [Read more...]