Radiohead –
Brandon Hurst

Comprehensive history of the iconic band, selected interviews and full discography. Particular focus on lead vocalist Thom Yorke. ISBN: 9781905382897 Oversize, … [Read more...]

Taylor Swift –
Brandon Hurst

One of the freshest and brightest stars of recent years, Taylor Swift was barely into her teens when she landed her first record deal. By the time she reached her early twenties she had won a slew of … [Read more...]

Lady GaGa –
Brandon Hurst

The uncensored, fully illustrated story of the meteoric rise to fame of this mega-famous, eccentric entertainer. 30 colour images. Lady GaGa, the most colourful book on the … [Read more...]

Beyoncé –
Brandon Hurst

Celebrity author Brandon Hurst tracks the rise and rise of one of the most influential and best loved performers in the world today. Beyoncé has topped the charts - first as part of girl group … [Read more...]

Green Day –
Seamus Craic

Fully illustrated and up to date biography of this cult band. Collectible edition with stunning live photography. Third edition of this seminal biography on the seemingly unstoppable punk-powered … [Read more...]