Contract Publishing

Top Spot actively solicits contract publishing projects from corporate and individual clients. We are known for excellent production quality, absolute commitment to the clients’ wishes and total discretion.

We have produced a number of books on a contract basis – whether for foreign publishers or for private individuals.

Depending on the complexity of the project, we charge a fee for either having a book written outright or edited, as well as structured, designed and printed.

Each book published on a contract basis carries a Top Spot ISBN, is registered with all book data agencies, has a copy sent to the British Library and is offered to book retailers globally, including Amazon, through our distributors.

If you want to publish a book professionally, email us in the first instance with as much detail as you can, and we will respond with a quote.

Please, include the following information:

  • have you a completed manuscript or would you need a ghost writer?
  • the length of your manuscript in words (you can check the word count by going to the tool tab)
  • the subject matter of the proposed book
  • will there be any images and if so, colour or black and white?
  • have you got copyright of the images?
  • will the images be scattered or will they be placed together in the book?
  • do you want us to design your cover?
  • your name, contact number and address