Keeping up with Kim Kardashian –
Brandon Hurst

  • A fully illustrated, large hard cover biography charting the formidable Kim Kardashian’s rise to global fame
  • Celebrity and film biographer Brandon Hurst analyses what motivates the curvy brunette, how she is shaping her notoriety and business empire and what the future holds for her.
  • The book analyses her style, her friendships and family ties and her relationship with a formidable fan base over which she seems to hold a vast and ever-growing sway.
  • Illustrated with up to 30 colour images.
  • 160 pages, large coffee table format
  • Buy directly from us and save 30% on the cover price (RRP £50.00). Our price: £35.00 including P&P. Great gift hard cover edition with 30 colour pictures.




Buy the Kindle digital edition from HERE

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