The Early Years –
Alexander Thynn

  • ‘Strictly Private to Public Exposure‘ is the collective name for the memoirs of Alexander Thynn, the Marquis of Bath. This is the first book in his first series, A Plateful of Privilege.
  • Lord Bath’s public image is that of an indulgent, eccentric, hedonistic, sexual libertine. Strictly Private shows that he is all that but he is also a prolific writer, artist, thinkeryet, what is most striking about him is that he has consciously lived his life according to his principles rather than those of his age or kind.
  • Born to a life of privilege, having inherited one of the oldest titles, a fortune and a majestic stately home, he has flouted all the obligatory sexual, social, political conventions in a multitude of ways embracing polygamy, living against the conventional grain while articulating thought-provoking views on society and politics.
ISBN: 1-903906-24-5
Binding: Glossy Paperback
PP: 202
Size: 240 x 160
Publishing date: 30/11/02



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